The Brussels Cleaning Masters

I am pleased to present my conceptual sound installation The Brussels Cleaning Masters at LOKAAL 01.

Saturday 20 August 2016
Provinciestraat 287
2018 Antwerpen

The Brussels Cleaning Masters

Thanks for attending the performance of The Brussels Cleaning Masters at SZenne.

Saturday 20 June 2016
2, rue Anneessensstraat
B-1000 Brussels


'Objects in Mirror Are Moving (Part I)'

Thanks for joining the first part of my show Objects in Mirror Are Moving at Club Solo! For all those who missed it, here some images and a recording of the performance with Julian Edwardes (piano + modular synth), Tom Jackson (clarinet) and Maurice Charles JJ (saxophone).

'Objects in Mirror Are Moving' at TTTT and Club Solo

In the framework of Hotel Solo I am delighted to be invited by These Things Take Time for a show at Club Solo and TTTT in April and May 2016.

Club Solo
Opening Thursday 07 April 20:00
Exhibition open on: 8, 9, 10 & 12 April

Kloosterlaan 138
4811 EE Breda

Opening Thursday 21 April 19:00
Exhibition open on: 23, 24, 30 Arpil and 1 May

Nederkouter 36
9000 Ghent


'Turn a Blind Eye' at Nadine Feront

Opening Thursday 11 February 18:00
Exhibition open 11 Feburary -19 March 14:00-18:00

Galerie Nadine Feront
Rue Saint-Georges 32
B-1050 Bruxelles

'SEPARATED (Dirty Beaches, Improvisation)' at Sonic City Festival at De Kreun

During the Sonic City Festival 2015 at De Kreun my work Separated (Dirty Beaches, Improvisation) will be shown.

19.21.22. November 2015

De Kreun

'POPCORE: A site-specific ongoing performance' at 019

Penal discussion together with Hana Miletic, Valentijn Goethals and Felix Kindermann moderated by Volkmar Mühleis
"Ab in die Ecke", Separated live performance (concept by Felix Kindermann with texts edited by Hana Miletic) by Volkmar Mühleis (vocals), Peter Bultink (guitar), Lutz Boddenberg (bass-guitar), Robin Schaeverbeke (drums)
Concert "Mein Bruder Karin" by Volkmar Mühleis and Lutz Boddenberg (bass-guitar)

06 October 2015

Dok-Noord 5L
9000 Gent (BE)

An event in the framework of MINIMA DOCTA (Luca School of Arts)

Trennen, was zusammengehört

Publications at Badische Tagblatt and Badische Neueste Nachrichten

'Separated' at Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden - 45cbm

12.09.2015 – 18.10.2015

Opening: Friday, September 11, 2015, 7 pm

Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden
Lichtentaler Allee 8A, 76530 Baden-Baden (DE)

'My Collection' at Transformers

02, 03, 04 September 2015

Opening: 29 August, Finissage: 06 September 2015

Hennebicq 29
1060 Brussels (BE)


'Shut Up' at Nadine Feront

23.04. - 22.05.2015

Galerie Nadine Feront
Rue Saint-Georges 32
1040 Brussells (BE)

'Janáček String Quartet No.1 'Kreutzer Sonata' Separated' at Les Ateliers Claus

21. February until 13. March 2015

'Banana Art' in Mister Mothley

December 2014

'I'm Going to Be Your Esthetician Today' in Mister Mothley.

'Mir Nichts, Dir Nichts' at Hennebicq

September 2014

Hennebicq 29
1060 Brussels (BE)



'Cosmic Cesspit' at HÖNGG

July 2014

Zurich (CH)


'Everthing Must Go!' at Nadine Feront

June - July 2014

Galerie Nadine Feront
Rue Saint-Georges 32
Brussells (BE)

'Rat or Not' at Atelier Teresa Sdralevich

'Adore Ego' at LUCA

April 2014

LUCA, Brussels (BE)


'Last Wednesday Critics #3 - Mystic Exercises?' at Wiels Contemporary Art Centre

March 2014

Wiels Contemporary Art Centre
Avenue Van Volxem 354
Brussels (BE)


'10 Balles et une mars' at Rosa Brux

February 2014

Rue de l'Autonomie 9
Brussels (BE)


'HUHHHH' at Grand Palais

February 2014

Bern (CH)


'Rat or Not' at Hectoliter

January 2014

Zaterdagplein 17 Place du Samedi
Brussels (BE)