2020 Lewis Center of the Arts, Princeton, US (upcoming)
2020 KIT, Duesseldorf, DE (upcoming)
2019 The Collection (1): Highlights for a Future, S.M.A.K., Ghent, BE (upcoming)
2019 ECHO OMOH, Fondation CAB, Brussels
2019 Choir Piece, Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Deurle, BE
2018 (R)ear (S)tones, 76.4, Brussels, BE
2018 How Do You Think It Feels, Deborah Bowmann, Brussels, BE
2017 The Night of The Cross, Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels, BE
2016 Vertical Concert, Rue de Flandre 38, Brussels, BE
2016 Brussels Cleaning Masters, Lokaal 01, Antwerp, BE
2016 Brussels Cleaning Masters, ZSenne Art Lab, Brussels, BE
2016 Objects in Mirror Are Moving (Part II), These Things Take Time, Ghent, BE
2016 Objects in Mirror Are Moving (Part I), Club Solo (Hotel Solo), Breda, NL
2016 Turn A Blind Eye, Gallery Nadine Feront, Brussels, BE
2015 Separated, Kunsthalle Baden-Baden (45cbm), DE, curated by Ana Siler
2015 Separated (Janácek, String Quartet No.1), Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels, BE
2015 Separated (Dirty Beaches), De Kreun, Kortrijk, BE
2014 Rat or Not, Hectoliter, Brussels, BE
2013 Image Image, Gallery Beatrice Brunner, Bern, CH, curated by Gabriel Flückiger
2012 Everything Is In Order, Atelier Mariemontkaai, Brussels, BE
2011 On The Road, Recyclart, Brussels, BE
2010 Demonstratie, Recyclart, Brussels, BE

2018 Crib, Gallery Duflon/Racz, Brussels, BE
2018 CTG(R) Zimbabwe, Catinca Tabacaru Gallery, Harare, ZW
2018 B-Sides, SALOON, Brussels, BE
2016 How to Hide in a White Space, Transformers, Brussels, BE
2015 Popcore, 019, Gent, BE
2015 Shut Up, Gallery Nadine Feront, Brussels, BE
2014 Cosmic Cesspit, Höngg, Zurich, CH
2014 Everything Must Go!, Gallery Nadine Feront, Brussels, BE
2014 10 balles et un Mars, Rosa Brux, Brussels, BE
2014 HUHHHH, Grand Palais, Bern, CH
2013 I Curate You, Recyclart, Brussels, BE
2012 White Night, Cinema Eden, Tel Aviv, IL
2011 52.5293°N, 13.396°E, Substitut, Berlin, DE
2011 Project Ford Mustang, Recyclart, Brussels, BE, curated by Urs Küenzi
2011 Human Kind, powerHouse Arena, New York, US
2010 C‘est la vie, New York Photo Festival, New York, US

2018 Catinca Tabacaru Gallery, Artist in Residence, Harare, ZW
2016 Gallery Nadine Feront, Artist in Residence, Brussels, BE
2016 ZSenne Art Lab, Artist in Residence, Brussels, BE
2011 Recyclart, Artist in Residence, Brussels, BE
2011 New York Photo Festival, Selected artist, New York, US
2009 New York Photo Award (Student Editorial), Nominee, New York, US

2020 Phenomenology of Pop, by Volkmar Mühleis (upcoming)
2019 La sculpture qui chante à ton oreille, La Libre Belgique, 19 March 2019
2018 B-Sides at SALOON, Art Viewer
2018 B-Sides at SALOON, hosted by Komplot Brussels, Daily Lazy
2018 B-Sides in Saloon, by Kurt Snoekx, BRUZZ, 11/07/2018
2018 Felix Kindermann, Studiovisit, MILK
2016 Studioraum 45cbm der Staatlichen Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, Exhibition catalogue 2014/2015
2016 Sabotage and Complicity – S&D#024 / APE#069, with an Essay by Tom Van Imschoot, Art Paper Editions
2016 Felix Kindermann in TTTT, H ART, No.155
2016 Vertical Concert, Focus levif
2016 Vertical Concert, bx1
2015 Sonic City Festival, De Standaard online, 21 November
2015 Ein verwirrend gutes Wechselspiel, by Petra Kirsch, Badische Neueste Nachrichten, Nr.209
2015 Trennen, was zusammengehört, by Hecker-Stock, Badisches Tagesblatt, Nr.210
2015 Shut up, by Hadelin Feront, exhibition catalogue (zine)
2014 Wunderkammer #84, by Kurt Snoekx, Agenda Magazine, January
2014 Katalog #21, on HUHHHH, by Chri Frautschi for exhibition catalogue, June
2014 Rat or Not, by Sue Spaid, exhibition text
2014 Bananenkunst Verzameld Door Lezers Van Mothley, Mister Mothley Magazine, December
2014 On regimes of labour in art, by Hadelin Feront, exhibition catalogue (zine)
2013 Organisiertes Chaos, artensuite, Schweizer Kunstmagazin #15, Bern, März
2013 Image Image, Interview with Gabriel Flückiger for exhibition text

2018-ongoing Visiting professor Mixed Media, Sint-Lucas Ghent, LUCA School of Arts, Ghent , BE
2018 Sing Along,Walk Apart, Workshop on musical sculptures, Dzimbanhete Arts Interactions Trust, Harare, ZW
2017 Jury member 3rd Bachelor Mixed Media, Sint-Lucas Ghent,, LUCA School of Arts, Ghent , BE
2016 Land of Noise and Flashlight, Mixed Media Workshop on sound and sculpture, Sint-Lucas Ghent, LUCA School of Arts,Ghent , BE

2020 Guest lecture, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, US (upcoming)
2019 Off, the Grid, Cas-Co, Leuven, BE
2018 Methods of Dance, symposium on methods in artistic practice, LUCA School of Arts, Ghent, BE
2015 Popcore, Penal discussion with Hana Miletic and Valentijn Goethals moderated by Volkmar Mühleis, part of MINIMA DOCTA (LUCA School of Arts Gent), 019, Ghent, BE
2013 Artist talk with Gabriel Flückiger for the exhibition ‘image image’, Gallery Beatrice Brunner, Bern, CH

2018 B-Sides, SALOON, Brussels, BE
2018 Heinz Butz, Das reine Sein als Anfang, SALOON, Brussels, BE
2018 Benedikte Bjerre, Yomp, SALOON, Brussels, BE
2017 Bas Jan Ader, Abel Auer, Cecylia Malik Sebastian Stumpf, Wolfgang Tillmans, People in Trees, SALOON, Brussels, BE
2017 Thomas Rentmeister, Sterne und Streifen, SALOON, Brussels, BE
2017 Remco Torenbosch, Integration, SALOON, Brussels, BE
2017 Peppi Bottrop, La Progression et la perte/Vooruitgang en verlies, SALOON, Brussels, BE
2016 Lina Viste Grønli, Euro, SALOON, Brussels, BE
2016 Co-Founder of SALOON artspace, Brussels, BE
2014 Aesthetic Nostalgia? The Last Wednesday Critics #5, debate with Jasper Rigole and Volkmar Mühleis, Monk, Brussels, BE
2014 Mystic Execises? The Last Wednesday Critics #3, debate with Elena Filipovic, Wiels Contemporary Art Center, Brussels, BE
2014 Art Or Pornography? The Last Wednesday Critics #2, debate with Petra van Brabandt, Monk, Brussels, BE
2014 Mediating Mystification? The Last Wednesday Critics #1, debate with Hedwig Houben and Danny Devos, Monk, Brussels, BE

2006 Gestaltende Schatten, published at ArchivSystemKunst & Wissenschaft ask23, Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg, by Prof. Michael Lingner

2013 The Posters, Cafe Lava, Rosa Brux, Ba Blae Blaes, Archipel, Brussels, BE

2009-10 Master of Fine Arts, Sint-Lukas, Brussels, BE
2000-06 Master in Industrial Design, HfbK, Hamburg, DE
2003-05 History of Art, (guest student), University of Hamburg, DE
1998-99 History of Art and Philososophy, University of Bonn, DE